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Home Insulation

The Benefits of Home Insulation

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Whether you realize it or not, your attic is designed to do so much more than store your excess stuff. It is designed to provide your home with a protective barrier that keeps the heat, cold, and humidity at bay. The key is that your attic needs to be properly insulated to do so. Without that proper insulation, your attic can only do so much to keep the elements out and your home will have a difficult time regulating its temperature.

The Benefits of Insulation

There are more than a few benefits of having insulation in your home’s attic. One of which is that it can help improve the air quality in your home. Poor insulation can result in dirt, dust, mildew, mold, and worse form entering your home through air leaks.

With proper insulation, you can prevent these pollutants from spreading throughout your house. This allows your family to breathe easier and enjoy a much cleaner air quality. Even better, new insulation can actually remove pollutants from your home that may have been living in the old insulation.

Your home can also enjoy better efficiency. When your insulation isn’t working optimally, it can be letting air and heat through. This makes it difficult for your home to regulate its own temperature, meaning more expensive heating and cooling bills.

With new insulation, you can get maximum efficiency out of your insulation. This means saving money on your energy bills over time, practically paying for the cost of the installation over time.

Benefits of Insulation

The Best in Texas

When it comes time to have new insulation installed in your home, there is only one name that you need to consider: American Insulation, LLC. We continue to serve the Texas area, providing the best in quality and customer service.

Our technicians are some of the most skilled and experienced around, providing an excellent level of work with each job. You can be certain that the job will be done and done well when you bring us in to perform the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Spray foam is much safer than you think. It’s a form of plastic with millions of gas bubbles inside. It actually hardens to a degree, so there are no particles for anyone to accidentally breathe in.

  • This is completely untrue. Polyurethane, which spray foam is made of, was founded over 80 years ago by a German scientist!

  • Mold prevention is perhaps one of the best benefits of this material. Because it does harden, water and moisture have a harder time penetrating the material, causing mold, damage and more.

  • Most typically, spray foam is made up of a polyurethane blend, which is just another way to say it’s a plastic-based material.

  • No, it is not. After 24 hours, any toxic chemicals or gasses will have dissipated, making spray foam completely safe for you and your loved ones. Even your pets!

  • During and some time after installation, there will be toxic fumes present. Our contractors use special equipment/covering to protect themselves and they will communicate to you the circumstances.

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