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Christopher Klement

My entire downstairs is usually much draftier. Right after getting our new home theater, I decided it was time to fix it. Thanks to American Insulation for your professional and prompt work. I highly recommend these guys.

Steven Allred

Whole attic insulation install. The final results are fantastic. There was a little gap in communications but that was remedied way beyond my expectations, no questions asked. I would highly recommend them as a responsible and honest business. Thanks.

Brian Hawthorne

A definite difference can be felt and noticed. My Upstairs AC would start about 10:30 and not cycle off till around 7:00 at night. I had been putting this off for year and wish I hadn’t waited. American Insulation did an outstanding job. Thank you to Eddie, Raul and Dustin American Insulation installed insulation in my 2 story house with living room being a single story ceiling that is very tight to get in to. Eddie, Raul, worked hard to fit in there and get the attic space filled with insulation. Eddie , Raul and Dustin were all fantastic to work with and I'm extremely satisfied with the work and professionalism.


American Insulation installed insulation in my one story home with a vaulted ceiling. Eddie, Raul, and Dustin were all fantastic to work with and I'm extremely satisfied with the work and professionalism everyone in the company had with my family and I. When the installation started, we were asked to turn off the A/C, which was normally running constantly before. Within the first hour of installing, with the A/C still off I could tell a notable difference in our house as before the temperature would have been unbearable. Thank you Eddie, Raul, and Dustin for your fantastic work!

Denise Easterday

American Insulation, LLC, Arlington, TX,  just installed new attic insulation for my one-story home.  My home was built in 1985, so the original insulation had settled and did not offer the R-rating protection needed for Texas. American Insulation added new insulation over all attic areas, and now I have an R-49 protection rating!  With our current summer temperatures I have already noticed a difference!  The installation crew did a great job, and went above and beyond to ensure all areas of my attic were insulated.  The people I worked with from the company - Dustin, Nathan, and Eddie, were excellent!  They were prompt, courteous, and  very thorough!  I would highly recommend this company if you are in need of attic insulation!

April Bonner

I highly recommend this place to anybody very good people they get the job done

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